Communication is a game changer in startups’ search for a perfect software development company

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How to choose a software development company? Communication is the uderrated key factor.

What do you need? You have to communicate that.

What will you get? The software development company will have to communicate that.

But are the messages accurate, exhaustive, truthful and coherent ??  Is the chosen software company developing what they should? Do you know what to expect? Are you in control of what happened, happens and will happen with the software you get?

There are many factors indispensable for choosing the right software house that meets your expectations. However, none of them will be of much use if the communication part does not go well. Project, its scope, prices, experience, technology, industry notwithstanding all comes down to how you will communicate your needs, how they are going to be understood, how they will be received and put into practice. Do not make the mistake of underestimating the power of communication in business. Even, or should I say, especially when you are on a budget, as many startups are at the beginning, do not waste your money on ineffective projects that do not go anywhere near your expectations.

How to ensure a successful collaboration? We are about to give you tips on how to assess communication within a software development company you wish to work with ?.

➡ Clarifying questions

If someone asks you a lot to specify what you have in mind, you should take that as a good sign. Clarifying questions are indicators of a willingness to truly grasp your idea and can rule out many mistakes that would appear otherwise. If asked effectively, they can also point to an experienced company that knows what is crucial for getting things right. When no clarifying question comes up, then there is a slight chance that your idea is remarkably simple, well-explained and straightforward, but that happens extremely rarely.

➡ Able to say no

Startups should be on the lookout for players experienced in the specific field. They can not only provide you with great software but also guide you throughout the development process, advising you on what should be added or left out. If the software development company is able to say no to your idea (in a polite way and with exhaustive, evidence – based explanation), then you should keep them close. By being honest with you (even if it is difficult), companies prove to have your best interests at heart. Moreover, they show their expertise and willingness to create a long-term relationship with you. However, if they say no too much without giving explanation, it might be a sign that they don’t respect you and your ideas. It might happen when representatives feel overconfident, act as they know everything better than you and do not treat you as an equal – it doesn’t need saying that you should not get involved with this type.

➡ Openness, transparency, and no manipulation

If your questions are being repeatedly avoided or side-tracked, there is something fishy going on. If a company is not truthful or avoids certain topics it impedes your communication and delays processes as well. You want your business partner to be ready to give you the explanation you need, and that should not be awkward. If the company representatives make you feel intimidated, maybe they play dirty. If someone is setting unreasonable deadlines or trying to push you into signing something without giving it much thought, you should be alert. It is completely understandable (and it should be respected by the company) when you want to take some more time making your decision (obviously, I am not talking about postponing your decision for weeks). Choose a company that speaks clearly and openly about the terms and do not expect you to accept everything without questioning. Last but not least, make sure you don’t fall for a toxic relationship where you are bossed around and told what to do, where your ideas are neglected. The company should be open to your innovative ideas.

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➡ Explanation, management, and flexibility

Don’t get involved with companies that don’t say much about their workflow. You are a startup and you probably work on a brilliant idea, but despite its brilliance, it can be ruined quickly if the development process takes up too much of your time and requires you to organise everything yourself. Pay attention to how the process is managed and make sure that you are provided with supervision. The company should tell you in detail how they work and what time and task management tools they use. You should be acquainted as well with a project manager or a team working on your project. More importantly, the company should take into account the possibility of making changes to your project. Flexibility nowadays is a must. If they don’t take it into consideration and won’t accept changes in the process once they start, then it is a no-go.

➡ Language barrier

Sometimes we go looking for better options outside our country. There is a small catch there – your language abilities must be both on an advanced level ?. You cannot let yourself be blinded by price or technologies. Communication should not be that much of a setback (well it should not be a setback at all) stretching out a realisation time day by day.

Hope our tips will help you make a more conscious choice. Be aware of communication importance in business and don’t let it be your setback.

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