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Virtual reality training for you

Evryplace Training will help you develop your worker’s skills using virtual reality technology through training programs that were never so affordable and immersive.

Check out if VR training is the right employee training for your company.

How to make VR training?

Combine 360° photos and videos into training steps

Take 360° photos or 360° videos of your workplace. Upload them to Evryplace, create the training flow and add the information on knowledge and skills you need your workers to have with texts, graphics and videos through interactive widgets.

Share with your trainees

Publish the ready training into the public cloud with password protection or your server (for on-premise clients). Share with your trainees however you want: Oculus Quest 2 headsets, desktop or any mobile device.*

*Or any headset using WebXR – Oculus Quest is just one of many examples.

What you can get

Simple web editor

Versatility and intuitiveness of Evryplace repeatedly prove to work wonders in training use cases as well, helping in introducing new employees, developing crucial competencies and increasing effectiveness and safety in the workplace.

Web & mobile player

Use 360 documentation for tracking construction progress, ongoing repairs and their photographic documentation, Insurance and Visual Merchandising.

Smart API

360 presentation and virtual tours for Commercial, Residential, Construction and Surveying. Thousands of real estate professionals use Evryplace every day to efficiently showcase properties in a way that enchants their customers.

The most intuitive 360° media

presentations editing app

Evryplace features

How much does it cost?

More affordable than ever

Virtual training isn’t as expensive as it used to be. Simulations made with 360° media like photos and videos cost a fraction of the virtual world made with 3D graphics engines like Unity or Unreal.

You just need two things

Be it a factory, a laboratory or an office building.
With Evryplace all you need to start is a 360° camera or a hired professional to capture the 360° footage and Evryplace subscription.

Does immersive virtual training work? Benefits of VR.

Taking training to the next level

40% of the v-learners saw an improvement in confidence compared to classroom learners and 35% improvement over e-learners to act on what they learned after training in VR.

V-learners were 4 times more focused during training than their e-learning peers and 1.5 times more focused than their classroom colleagues.*

V-learners felt 3.75 times more emotionally connected to the content than classroom learners and 2.3 times more connected than e-learners.

V-learners completed training 4 times faster than classroom training.

*Seeing is believing: How virtual reality and augmented reality will transform business and the economy

What kind of trainings can be made in VR?

Job training

Show your workers how to perform their tasks correctly and minimize the number of mistakes through an engaging virtual journey. VR is a perfect medium for teaching both hard and soft skills. Evryplace gets you covered on all your employees’ training needs.

The key to a successful company is its people. Learning and development should be constant to ensure the highest level of professionalism among your team.


Integrate new employees with a company and its culture, and give your new workers the tools and information needed to become productive members of the team. Especially effective for corporate training where once created VR training experience can be used multiple times without any extra costs.

Section of assembly line

Vivid illustration with all the details of the assembly line exposed with a clear narrative through a vr headset.

Use the fact that virtual training can record and show every aspect and state of the assembly line without having it to be stopped more than once. Spatial orientation during training achieved in VR is quick, easy and extremely efficient with Evryplace.

Preparing for work

Efficiently teach your employees skills in areas of your interest. Do it in a virtual education-based environment before they have hands-on experience in your company.

Utilize the technology to leverage your spendings on preparation of your employees compared to traditional training. Minimise losses caused by new workers’ errors and improve efficiency at the same time.

Safety trainings

Provide your employees with an extensive range of information on how to avoid hazards which might otherwise impact your production. More and more companies use virtual training solutions nowadays.

As the paradigm shifts away from one on one and in-classroom teaching employees expect more modern ways of learning health and safety. Safety hazards cost money and Evryplace will let you avoid them.


Teach your employees in an interactive and specific way, by walking them through a process in a realistic environment. Harness the power of immersive learning and use it to your advantage and get an edge over the competition.

VR experience is undoubtedly the future of all kinds of job tutorials. Traditional training methods are becoming obsolete as they do not engage workers on a high level and certainly do not help your employer branding be associated with being modern.

Simple sharing

Share a link to your customers that allows them to join a virtual tour or immersive presentation. Evryplace presentations are available:

  • In all modern web browsers – as standalone pages or embedded in third party websites
  • In iOS and Android mobile apps
  • In Evryplace apps or embedded in third party apps via Evryplace SDK
  • In VR goggles – with Evryplace VR app for Oculus Go
  • On Smart TVs – with Evryplace Android TV app

Ready for Enterprise Integration 

Power API allowing for integration with client legacy systems and centralized client databases.

Integrate with multiple systems and client’s preferred hardware solution – connecting via mobile devices, local networks or over the cloud.

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I’ve been using EVRYPLACE since 2016. Things which made them stand out from the competition, were high-end features like full support for stereoscopic imagery or straightforward multi-platform delivery by a smart link to a client. You get addicted to how fast one can scramble 3D-virtual tour, all drag&drop with easy customization. Evryplace has grown massively over a last year, it’s flawless mature product which I don’t hesitate to recommend to my clients.

Michał Ostromęcki


Evryplace uses the potential of 360 technology in a very versatile way, allowing users to prepare professional presentation using photospheres and mitigate costs associth VR teciated whnology. The combination of both EVRYPLACE’s business approach and the growing interest in 360 cameras, Evryplace has the potential for a wide range of business applications.

Przemysław Latus

RICOH THETA Sales Manager RICOH Poland

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