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Real Estate

Real Estate

Real Estate and Evryplace

Evryplace helps clients from the Real Estate Industry for better showcasing the value of their space and products.
It is based on 360° pictures, visualisations and videos turned into proper virtual walks and presentations.

Evryplace allows their users to perform live reviews, consultations and feedback.

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360 Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Use 360 presentation to show both, the function and the atmosphere of an office. Invite your clients to a VR tour to help them visualise and informational layer to highligh the function areas.

Use live annotations to map out warehouse operation processes.

Residential Real Estate

With VR/360 tours available on your
website you can present your space
to your clients 24/7. Give them chance to tour your property as if being there. When selling, ‘fields test’ the space with your clients and adjust planned space to client’s needs.

Venture Capitals

Presenting an investment seldom happents at the location’s investment. Using Evryplace touring your investment location regardless of the distance between you and the potential investor. Your investors can view the location and receive various information on each scene in the area.

Construction & Surveying

With 360 photography surveyors can now create a presentation that feels as if touring site. Created presentations can be shared among teams.

Give rights and permissions to other users to leave annotations and update presentations with new 360 images. Use Co-Viewing to talk over remotely.

Marketing & Sales

Evryplace presentations are “HTML friendly” – easily
embeddable in your marketing channels.

Give your clients a realistic view od the property as soon as they walk into your sales office, with different fit-out options or layouts.

What can you get

Simple web editor

Versatility and intuitiveness of Evryplace repeatedly prove to work wonders in training use cases as well, helping in introducing new employees, developing crucial competencies and increasing effectiveness and safety in the workplace.

Web & mobile player

Use 360 documentation for tracking construction progress, ongoing repairs and their photographic documentation, Insurance and Visual Merchandising.

Smart API

360 presentation and virtual tours for Commercial, Residential, Construction and Surveying. Thousands of real estate professionals use Evryplace every day to efficiently showcase properties in a way that enchants their customers.

The most intuitive 360° media

presentations editing app

Evryplace features

Swiper pagination
Swiper pagination

Evryplace uses the potential of 360 technology in a very versatile way, allowing users to prepare professional presentation using photospheres and mitigate costs associth VR teciated whnology. The combination of both EVRYPLACE’s business approach and the growing interest in 360 cameras, Evryplace has the potential for a wide range of business applications.

Przemysław Latus

RICOH THETA Sales Manager RICOH Poland

I’ve been using EVRYPLACE since 2016. Things which made them stand out from the competition, were high-end features like full support for stereoscopic imagery or straightforward multi-platform delivery by a smart link to a client. You get addicted to how fast one can scramble 3D-virtual tour, all drag&drop with easy customization. Evryplace has grown massively over a last year, it’s flawless mature product which I don’t hesitate to recommend to my clients.

Michał Ostromęcki


All stages of the project


Present full overview of the investment in 360 rendering and photography

Perform remote virtual tours over long distances

Add information layer to give detailed information on your investment


Reduce the number of iterations and get better feedback on the designs with 360 live conferencing (coviewing)

Use live annotations and comments to highlight areas for amendments

Use 360 renderings to better visualize the function of the designed property


Eliminate communication gaps by sharing 360° documentation to multiple teams

Add related files – PDFs, videos, or audio file, to keep everything in one place

Perform quick and safe H&S presentations while the construction takes place

Sales & Marketing

Create branded VR/360 tours. Add 360 to your existing marketing channels to increase attractiveness & engagement

Sync with VR goggles or with signage technology and steal the show during trade fairs

Use 360 Remote Viewing to show property online and invite convinced clients to your office

Simple sharing

Share a link to your customers that allows them to join a virtual tour or immersive presentation. Evryplace presentations are available:

  • In all modern web browsers – as standalone pages or embedded in third party websites
  • In iOS and Android mobile apps
  • In Evryplace apps or embedded in third party apps via Evryplace SDK
  • In VR goggles – with Evryplace VR app for Oculus Go
  • On Smart TVs – with Evryplace Android TV app

Ready for Enterprise Integration 

Power API allowing for integration with client legacy systems and centralized client databases.

Integrate with multiple systems and client’s preferred hardware solution – connecting via mobile devices, local networks or over the cloud.

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