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Documentation 360

Documentation 360

What is Evryplace?

Evryplace is a platform for automated 360° documentation. A new approach to documentation in retail, property development, industry, and real estate.

Use mobile and web apps to create 360° documentation ready to be viewed on desktop, mobile and VR.

With emphasis on time efficiency and ease of use we empower you to document fast like never before. One picture is worth a thousand words, and pictures are quicker to take.

  • Monitoring stock merchandising, replenishment and placement
  • Business analysis, customer journey adjustment
  • Sales and marketing specialists training
  • Documentation of the delivery of product supplies to stores
  • Health and safety in the workplace thanks to 360 view around workplace and effective training sessions
  • Property development process, i.e. photographic documentation of the store development process (usually from the hand-over day, all the way through the fit-out and interior design works, to the very completion of store development)
  • Repairs planning and monitoring
  • 360° documentation for tracking process of manufacturing
  • Control over factory development process
  • On-going malfunctions and repairs monitoring
  • Monitoring of deliveries and supply chains
  • Health and safety in the workplace – training sessions without machine downtime and risks, coordinated remotely and effectively
  • Preventive and planned maintenance
  • Progress management – 360° documentation for tracking progress of all stages of construction.
  • Property development process enabling design improvements as well as showcasing the process to clients, investors and real estate professionals.
  • On-going repairs and their photographic documentation
  • Site hand-over reports
  • Documentation of the deliveries
  • Health and safety in the workplace – thanks to 360 view around workplace and effective training sessions carried out remotely with zero risk.
    • Insurance

Why documentation is important?

01 One single source of information keeps everyone in the loop and saves time.

02 Access to updated information reduces operational ambiguity. There is no confusion as to who did what and what they are supposed to do next.

03 Single source of truth (SSOT) is also extremely beneficial - it reduces the amount of time spent debating when you can refer to a well done documentation.

04 It stores organizational knowledge regarding the processes and can be a starting point for analysis and transforming the existing procedures.

05 This 360° business solution bridges the information flow between departments that normally do not communicate with each other on a daily basis and sometimes at all.

06 It can serve as a training material to introduce new workers into the organization practices and processes as it can present the whole process of construction or good and bad practices in retail merchandising.

Can your documentation process be better?

Is documentation in your company:
– Taking a lot of time or effort?
– Hard to browse?

Alternatively to traditional flat photo documentation using Evryplace you will:

Reduce confusion as to where points of interest are, saving time on viewing/comprehending the documentation.

Decrease the amount of pictures you need to take, saving time and money.

Offer a new perspective on the current procedures and practices in your organisation.

Broaden the access to knowledge and bolsters communication.

Enhance your documentation with more detail and effortless spatial orientation.

Save trips to locations by making them accessible in virtual form from anywhere in the world.

Allow to serve as a training platform or supply material for in-person training.

What you can get

Simple web editor

Versatility and intuitiveness of Evryplace repeatedly prove to work wonders in training use cases as well, helping in introducing new employees, developing crucial competencies and increasing effectiveness and safety in the workplace.

Web & mobile player

Use 360 documentation for tracking construction progress, ongoing repairs and their photographic documentation, Insurance and Visual Merchandising.

Smart API

360 presentation and virtual tours for Commercial, Residential, Construction and Surveying. Thousands of real estate professionals use Evryplace every day to efficiently showcase properties in a way that enchants their customers.

The most intuitive 360° media

presentations editing app

Evryplace features

Swiper pagination
Swiper pagination

I’ve been using EVRYPLACE since 2016. Things which made them stand out from the competition, were high-end features like full support for stereoscopic imagery or straightforward multi-platform delivery by a smart link to a client. You get addicted to how fast one can scramble 3D-virtual tour, all drag&drop with easy customization. Evryplace has grown massively over a last year, it’s flawless mature product which I don’t hesitate to recommend to my clients.

Michał Ostromęcki


Evryplace uses the potential of 360 technology in a very versatile way, allowing users to prepare professional presentation using photospheres and mitigate costs associated with VR technology. The combination of both EVRYPLACE’s business approach and the growing interest in 360 cameras, Evryplace has the potential for a wide range of business applications.

Przemysław Latus

RICOH THETA Sales Manager RICOH Poland

What does the workflow look like?

01 Enter a store (retail), building site (construction), property (real estate) or any other place you document.

02 Place the 360° camera in all points of interest to capture the whole space or just a part of it, shoot the pictures with a mobile app on your smartphone.

03 Add annotations when needed - take a flat photo, video, record your voice or just add text to your 360° photos. Mark important spots and explain your focal points in detail. To add them just tap where they should be placed in your 360° documentation. Simple and time efficient.

04 When the space has been captured, upload it to the cloud via wifi or cellular network to make it available to view by your organisation and yourself from any place in the world.

05 Then view your documentation. Sort your documentation by location of the site and use a timeline to see previous states of your retail points or construction progress. Do it on any device - desktop, mobile and VR set.

06 Start a meeting inside the 360° documentation (Coviewing). Use it when you need to talk details over with a coworker who works at the documented place or supervises the project. You can do it from both mobile and desktop devices for maximum convenience.

07 Use documentation to train both new onboarders and current hires.

08 Present to stakeholders and analysts.

Advantages of Evryplace

Complete base

Manage permissions within your company as to who can view and edit the documentation. It is useful when people only see the documentation they are interested in and safe when only limited group of people has access to information and are allowed to manage the files.

Remote friendly

Evryplace enables remote presentation (casting and in app-meets between devices) of 360° documentation (online viewing) using devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones, as well as multimedia tables and virtual reality headsets.

On many devices

• Ready to be embedded on websites

• Available on the Internet as stand-alone websites

• Available on-line and off-line with Evryplace VR applications: for Oculus Quest 2 (VR application), and for iOS and Android. Native application with 360° and VR functions

• Can also be viewed using multimedia tables, info-kiosks, and similar devices; embeddable in your marketing channels.

Custom implementation

In cases of dedicated implementations, Evryplace can retrieve data from the client’s existing systems and link it to presentations in order to facilitate the search and organisation of the archive.

• authorisation with Active Directory or other external authorisation mechanisms
• implementation on a private cloud
• integration with intra- and Internet based www services
• integration with mobile applications and software already present in your organisation • online and offline operation

Simple sharing

Share a link to your customers that allows them to join a virtual tour or immersive presentation. Evryplace presentations are available:

  • In all modern web browsers – as standalone pages or embedded in third party websites
  • In iOS and Android mobile apps
  • In Evryplace apps or embedded in third party apps via Evryplace SDK
  • In VR goggles – with Evryplace VR app for Oculus Go
  • On Smart TVs – with Evryplace Android TV app

Ready for Enterprise Integration 

Power API allowing for integration with client legacy systems and centralized client databases.

Integrate with multiple systems and client’s preferred hardware solution – connecting via mobile devices, local networks or over the cloud.

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