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Fream is the best choice for your software integrations, application integration and system integration needs. With years of hands-on development experience, a thorough understanding of your needs and a relation-building approach, we will integrate your software so your business can thrive.

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When do you need application software integration?

Imagine you have a new piece of software, which will automate a huge amount of work, cut down costs and open up new possibilities for your company. Or you just have upgraded a legacy system to remove the limitations the old system posed. You probably already have software in your tech stack that is connected with other software. Integration makes exchanging data between them possible to make sure everything is as streamlined as it can be. When you get new software, you will probably want to integrate it with the software you are already using. Thanks to integration, productivity, safety and more possibilities will flourish.
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This company has everything you want in a consultant. They are technically competent, results-oriented, easy to do business with, and scrupulously honest. I never felt like we were at risk, or that I had to worry about the relationship. Finally, they are really easy to communicate with, and genuinely nice people.

Isadore Katz

CEO at Suometry

From initial consideration and interviewing, through all milestones of the project all individuals and Fream as a whole excelled in the following areas: Strong technical competence and capabilities, Flexibility both at technical and commercial aspects, Proactive assistance and contribution to product development, Cultural fit for Basecamp.

Daniel Biesiada

Head of Technology at Basecamp Student

We have been working with Fream S.A for over four years, during which they have delivered several web-based and app-based solutions in the field of process digitization and automation, management systems, and big data communication.

I am pleased to say that Fream is proficient and competent in the design and development of complete, integrated solutions tailored to efficiently communicate with a complex matrix of DeLaval’s ‘Dairy Industry 4.0’ systems. Whenever we needed their services, Fream supplied them to us in a timely fashion.

Karol Ferenc

EMEA Cluster Solution Specialist - DeLaval

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the creative skills and services provided by Fream S.A in the area of mobile applications and web portals. Over the last 4 years, they have helped us to create very successful iOS and Android apps for our market leading navigation and mapping service, Naviexpert.

I also recommend Fream as a provider of web portal solutions. They have proved their skills developing Naviexpert Traffic, a modern, unique and fully custom built mapping and navigation portal, which helped us expand our services over the Web platform.

Adam Szarecki

R&D Manager, Naviexpert

Their knowledge and experience was very helpful as they helped us define, design and  deliver the “Handwerkerkopplung” web portal and the “Wohnungsübergabe” mobile app  to our clients. They were very thorough and flexible in developing software products that suited our needs and requirements, always making sure that our work objectives were met in full. As for today, the engineers of Fream have been supporting us with backend, web and  mobile development services for over 9 years, always making sure that the products they deliver meet the expectations of our clients. 

Thomas Fritz

Teamleiter Softwaredevelopment Wohnungswirtschaft at Haufe-Lexware Real Estate AG

What is definitely impressive is their engagement to their mission and their passion for achieving DeLaval’s goals.

Konstantinos Kakoulis

Product Specialist Software & Digitalization, DeLaval

I wish to strongly recommend Fream S.A. as a supplier of complete web-based and app-based solutions. I confirm that Fream is proficient and effective in design and development of complete, integrated web solutions. As our partner, Fream has delivered and continues to maintain high quality web products. 

Fream was very cooperative with us throughout the whole cooperation period. Whenever we needed their services, Fream supplied them to us in a timely fashion. Given the quality of their work, services and cooperation, I am happy to recommend them to any organization. 


Krzysztof Mogielski

Head of Digital Transformation at CBRE

Their commitment since day one and interest in learning our business are the aspects of our success:

From the development/integration perspective and from the end-user (our Farmers) where it was very useful while developing a solution where the Developers truly understand the uses cases from the end-user perspective, even they were very interested to join me on several farm visits to really understand and feel the work from the farmer perspective and get a much real-life idea what we need to develop to make the best solution.

Mario Aguado

Sr. Technical Expert at DeLaval Int. AB

Path 2311

What can be integrated?

Practically any two pieces of software can be integrated if it achieves your business goals. Also, the software to be integrated must provide some mechanisms to enable data exchange – an API (Application Programming Interface), an SDK (Software Development Kit) or other custom mechanism based on file exchange, shared database access or other data exchange mechanisms.

We can help you digitalize your business by:

Decreased operation labour

Increased security

Better customer care

Possibility of selling entire new experience to your users

Reduced overall expenses on software systems

Faster growth

How do software integrations work?

Some software enables easy integrations from the start. It is because they have components dedicated to make connections between software possible, sort of like a USB hub in the laptop. This is typical for off the shelf software. Custom software might or might not be created from scratch to be able to exchange information with other systems. When you are ordering new custom made software, you want to decide whether to integrate it into your company’s technological stack fully or partially. Then the specification is written accordingly, and it is generally cheaper and more efficient to build software with this intent, then produce a working software or app and later connect it to other systems.

Software integration is a process of making two or more applications communicate and exchange data with each other. And when they do, they can bring out the best in each other. That way, you automate part of the workload, open new possibilities on how to process and use data and shorten the workflow of your employees or make it easier for
your clients to complete their customer journey.

We can integrate your systems in various ways. One way to think about it is point-to-point integration - where the systems communicate directly - and hub-and-spoke integration - when the systems communicate over a software component dedicated only for handling the data exchange.

If your systems are not so different (in terms of data structure), but there are many of them, or you plan to add new ones soon, the hub will probably be more efficient. If you have only two pieces of software, it might be better to go for the point-to-point approach.

Your success is our main goal, and we will use our extensive knowledge and experience to help you decide and implement the best solutions.

Integration mechanisms that we used to communicate software systems include:



Email exchange

Proprietary binary protocol-based APIs

MQTT and other message brokers

File exchange (XML, binary)

The best integration specialists

Our engineers have completed dozens of integrations over the last decade. Despite the complexity of the tasks, our specialists always stood up to the challenge. Unique requirements of our clients throughout the years made us true tailors of the software, ready to adjust technology to your needs. They learned a lot from these experiences and are now ready to use their knowledge to help you get your project deployed.

Examples of companies we performed integrations for:

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