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Software product design in the software development process. We employ UX & UI software design to help you reach your business goals.

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Software product design - from ideation to UX & UI software design

In both our mobile and web apps, we provide our clients not only with a fully functional product but also with one that ideally suits the needs of the users. We offer the full UI / UX Design process coverage when developing a product. We facilitate and accelerate software development processes from ideation, through production, to maintenance. At the same time, we take care of consistency from start to finish, delivering a product complete in every aspect. The implementation of UX design allows you to avoid both major and minor mistakes that would otherwise cost money and time. At Fream, we design software that attracts the user’s attention, enriches his experience and in effect helps you reach your business goals more effectively.

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This company has everything you want in a consultant. They are technically competent, results-oriented, easy to do business with, and scrupulously honest. I never felt like we were at risk, or that I had to worry about the relationship. Finally, they are really easy to communicate with, and genuinely nice people.

Isadore Katz

CEO at Suometry

From initial consideration and interviewing, through all milestones of the project all individuals and Fream as a whole excelled in the following areas: Strong technical competence and capabilities, Flexibility both at technical and commercial aspects, Proactive assistance and contribution to product development, Cultural fit for Basecamp.

Daniel Biesiada

Head of Technology at Basecamp Student

We have been working with Fream S.A for over four years, during which they have delivered several web-based and app-based solutions in the field of process digitization and automation, management systems, and big data communication.

I am pleased to say that Fream is proficient and competent in the design and development of complete, integrated solutions tailored to efficiently communicate with a complex matrix of DeLaval’s ‘Dairy Industry 4.0’ systems. Whenever we needed their services, Fream supplied them to us in a timely fashion.

Karol Ferenc

EMEA Cluster Solution Specialist - DeLaval

It is with great pleasure that I recommend the creative skills and services provided by Fream S.A in the area of mobile applications and web portals. Over the last 4 years, they have helped us to create very successful iOS and Android apps for our market leading navigation and mapping service, Naviexpert.

I also recommend Fream as a provider of web portal solutions. They have proved their skills developing Naviexpert Traffic, a modern, unique and fully custom built mapping and navigation portal, which helped us expand our services over the Web platform.

Adam Szarecki

R&D Manager, Naviexpert

Their knowledge and experience was very helpful as they helped us define, design and  deliver the “Handwerkerkopplung” web portal and the “Wohnungsübergabe” mobile app  to our clients. They were very thorough and flexible in developing software products that suited our needs and requirements, always making sure that our work objectives were met in full. As for today, the engineers of Fream have been supporting us with backend, web and  mobile development services for over 9 years, always making sure that the products they deliver meet the expectations of our clients. 

Thomas Fritz

Teamleiter Softwaredevelopment Wohnungswirtschaft at Haufe-Lexware Real Estate AG

What is definitely impressive is their engagement to their mission and their passion for achieving DeLaval’s goals.

Konstantinos Kakoulis

Product Specialist Software & Digitalization, DeLaval

I wish to strongly recommend Fream S.A. as a supplier of complete web-based and app-based solutions. I confirm that Fream is proficient and effective in design and development of complete, integrated web solutions. As our partner, Fream has delivered and continues to maintain high quality web products. 

Fream was very cooperative with us throughout the whole cooperation period. Whenever we needed their services, Fream supplied them to us in a timely fashion. Given the quality of their work, services and cooperation, I am happy to recommend them to any organization. 


Krzysztof Mogielski

Head of Digital Transformation at CBRE

Their commitment since day one and interest in learning our business are the aspects of our success:

From the development/integration perspective and from the end-user (our Farmers) where it was very useful while developing a solution where the Developers truly understand the uses cases from the end-user perspective, even they were very interested to join me on several farm visits to really understand and feel the work from the farmer perspective and get a much real-life idea what we need to develop to make the best solution.

Mario Aguado

Sr. Technical Expert at DeLaval Int. AB

Benefits of the UX and UI software design implemented in software development process

We offer a full package - both design and development, which our customers find highly beneficial as the process becomes much faster thanks to greatly coordinated internal communication. Instead of outsourcing UI/UX services and complicating the whole software development process, it is worth overseeing the project within one firm. The Fream approach aims to deliver products that are consistent in functionalities and design. Who knows better what needs to be visually emphasised than graphics who assisted you from the ideation process and were present at every stage of our collaboration.

If you want to scale and grow your business, a custom-tailored application will help you a great deal. Latest practices from UI and UX fields will be implemented in your project to enchant your users and create both efficient and impactful experiences.

Software product design process

Software product design starts with ideation and evolves throughout the project. Working on the functionalities together from the beginning gives us an immense headstart in creating a perfectly fitted app that your users will love.


01 Ideation in product development

If you have a brilliant idea but can’t figure out how to put it into practice and how it should look or function in the end, we are here to assist you. Together we will define your business needs, localize the target audience and set goals. Then, your expectations will be clearer, and we will be happy to meet them with an outstanding product.

02 Research and strategy

At this stage, we propose conducting quantitative or qualitative market research. In light of our findings, we will validate ideas and precise product requirements. Thanks to the employed analytical approach, you get to see the facts indicating your product’s course to become a competitive solution. Don’t leave your success to chance. Fream has got your back.

03 Wireframing

We create wireframes based on requirements. It is an exploratory stage in which we transfer ideas to wireflows, establish layouts, structure, hierarchy and relationships between particular elements. The main part of this phase constitutes prototyping - thanks to clickable prototypes, we can test the product’s functionalities.

04 UX testing

As Fream strives for excellence, we verify solution usability with potential users. Based on that, we collect the observations and make conclusions. After user experience testing, we share with you our recommendations and improvement ideas.

05 UI design

We help our clients find their unique product’s style according to the newest trends and usability. In case that your brand style is already defined, we tailor technological solution design to your needs. The visual design consists of icons assortment, typography selection, custom illustrations creation, or implementation of motion design that will breathe life into the interface.

06 Handoff

We pass on the design ready for implementation. Being an internally coordinated process, there are no misunderstandings and delays standing in the way of effective software development. What is more, during development, our designers oversee quality and compatibility with design projects. With us, you are in good hands.

07 Maintenance and further growth development

A reliable long-term partnership is something we excel at. After the product is delivered, we don’t ever cut you out. We are still willing and open to growing with you. Software product’s life cycle doesn’t end after its release; it enters a new phase of great potential. If the need for new features or changes arises, we are there for you.

Tools we use in software product design:

Path 2311

Above all individual approach

It is worth remembering that not every software design process looks exactly the same. We are aware of your different needs. Some of you might have already worked on deep qualitative or quantitative market analysis on your own. Some of you might just have come up with the idea that needed instant translation into a software product. Sometimes the wireframing and testing stage has several iterations in which corrections are made on an ongoing basis, so there is no clear-cut process; each is individual and tailored to the client’s needs. We respect different workflows because we understand that every client comes from a unique background.

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