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DeLaval is the worldwide leader in milking equipment and solutions used by millions of dairy farmers around the globe every day. Their vision is to make sustainable food production possible is at the core of their solutions, allowing farmers to do more with less effort.
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About project

In line with DeLaval’s mission to digitalize the dairy industry and at the same time do more with less effort and waste, we have developed a mobile app that would transform the considerable amount of data gathered by the DelPro Management system and deliver it in a fashion that would allow managers to make better decisions, and help them in getting jobs done instead of piling through admin work.


We have been working with Fream for over five years, during which they have delivered several web-bases and app-based solutions in the field of process digitization and automation, management systems, and big data communication.

Karol Ferenc

EMEA Cluster Solution Specialist




Information architecture, system integration

Mobile apps (Android&iOS)


Android, iOS


7 team members

Depending on the stage of the project, there were up to 4 developers, a QA tester, a PM and a UX/UI designer.


2016 - now

Our team completed project in months and it's still developing new functionalites, delivering new versions based on client's need.

Business solution

In the last decade, the dairy industry has grown massively to the point where starting a modern dairy farm means having between 100 to 400 cows and a staff to manage and maintain this investment. Food safety and farm profitability go hand-in-hand with an increasing focus on milk quality. To keep that quality, farmers need to monitor a plethora of vital monitors and indicators describing each cow every hour of every day, and in consequence, produce tons of clipboards and spreadsheets.

industry 4.0 & IoT software development for agriculture

Development process

What have we created?

  • Designed and developed iOS and Android applications synchronized with DelPro Management database, able to handle and manage large amounts of information gathered live from multiple monitors located on an Industry 4.0 farm
  • Simplified the management process by creating a user-friendly interface and automating critical actions performed by farm managers and farm staff
  • Integrated the app with DelPro Management user base, allowing farmworkers to have complete control and make quick decisions regardless of where they are
  • Implemented Bluetooth ID scanning functionality, allowing for scanning animal tags and getting live health status on each animal and make vital decisions on health treatment, diet plans, etc.

Whenever we needed their services, Fream supplied them to us in a timely fashion.

Karol Ferenc

EMEA Cluster Solution Specialist


As a result, we helped DeLaval create a Dairy Industry 4.0 mobile app that allows farm managers to manage their farms on the go. To quote from DeLaval’s product website: The result is that insemination, pregnancy check, or health treatment will never again be missed and that you can accurately record every action, in real-time, there and then.

DelPro Companion puts the power to make better decisions, right into your pocket.

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    VAT ID: PL8982192139
    KRS: 0000870912

    Powstańców Śląskich 28-30
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